Friday, March 16, 2012

Reflection: Newspaper of the Future

Due: Sunday, March 18
Word Count: 300
Please Include: Any images of your project or presentation

You're entry this week is a reflection on your Newspaper of the Future project.

Please explain what your group created and why you thought it would be an essential ways for people to get or interact with news. Describe the thought process that went in to creating this project and the ideas or work you contributed to the project.


Here’s a sample portfolio piece and reflection.

  • A reflection should accompany each entry into your portfolio.

  • Write about what you did, the things you learned along the way, what you think you did well and what areas you still have for improvement.

  • What would you do differently if you could do it again?

  • How can it be applied to future projects and layouts?

Possible Reflection Questions:

From your experiences creating this project;

  1. What have you come to understand about newspapers right now?

  2. What are the main struggles you had making a newspaper people would buy and advertisers would support?

  3. What are newspapers going to struggle with in the near future?

  4. What did you base your ideas for design on?

  5. Which group was the closest to getting things right?

  6. What are your main conclusions about the future of print news?


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