Monday, April 8, 2013

Blog #6: Design

Due: Sunday, April 14
More than 400 words
At least three links to sources with Synthesis included
At least 1 original design (the one we did in class for the 30 minute challenge counts)

During class this week, we spent most of our time talking about the importance of Play and Design in our lives, our society, and especially in Journalism and media. The presentations we looked at to base some of our discussions on are below.

Here are some questions to consider as you think about your blog:

  1. How do design elements affect a reader's experience with a publication?

  2. In what ways are you a designer?

  3. In what ways has design influenced decisions you have made?

  4. Write about a time that design has changed your behavior or your way of thinking.

  5. Write about a time when you solved a problem with design.

  6. How could you design a  solution to a problem you've seen.

  7. What have you realized about design that you hadn't before?

  8. In what ways does awareness relate to journalism?

  9. What rules have you constructed for yourself without knowing it that may be limiting your ability or awareness?

  10. How has the role of play changed throughout your life?

  11. What do you enjoy about school or your work?

  12. Explain how play influences motivation.

  13. What have you come to realize about the relationship between work and play?

Optional reading for smart folks:

Optional viewing for smart folks:

Beau Lotto: Optical illusions show how we see

The Beauty of Data Visualization

Stunning Data Visualization


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