Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blog 5: What does your news say about you?

Due Date: Sunday, April 17
Word Count:  500
Links: At least 2

You've spent the last 10 days being exposed to news that comes from sources you don't typically consult. You've hopefully learned something or evolved in your way of thinking about news in general.

When you think back on your experience, what conclusions can you come to about;

  • The purpose or biases of your news source,

  • The point of news,

  • The importance of news,

  • Your attitudes toward news,

  • Whether you'd keep looking for news,

  • Where people should look for news,

  • or anything else.

After reviewing your reactions to the news over the past 10 days, what meaningful conclusions can you come to about your source and about the role of journalism in society? Here are some potential questions that could get you thinking about news as it could relate to your source.

  • Why does news matter?
  • Why is news so depressing?
  • How much do you think following a specific news source affects a person's world view or perceptions of the world?
  • Why is “cute cats” news?
  • How much of news is entertainment? How much of your source's content has been entertainment?
  • Who defines "news" for your source?
  • Are you better off if you’re up to date on news?
  • Are you worse off following the news closely?
  • Why are there so many places to get news, why not narrow it down to five?
  • Does anything change when you’re looking at news?
  • How does news make you feel?
  • How does it benefit you?
  • How can you make others better through your knowledge?
  • Why do we get so interested in things that are none of our business?

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